As aircraft fleets evolve and aircraft pass to different operators, so the simulators associated with them often need to be relocated. Such complex, large and valuable devices require considerable skill and expertize to dismantle, pack, ship and re-assemble prior to commissioning and testing in order to achieve the necessary legislative certification prior to entering training at a new location.

In addition to the physical tasks there are highly accurate baseline tests to run and the entire process is often further complicated by upgrades being implemented simultaneously. Quadrant has the capability, experience, equipment and personnel to plan, manage and execute Simulator relocations regardless of location and the complexity of the device in question.

This is a worldwide capability, further enhanced by being able to work closely with our sister company Quadrant Systems Limited based in Burgess Hill, UK, who are able to provide additional manpower and expertize as required.

Military Relocations

The Military market continues to respond to the diversity of threats in 'out of area operations' and Simulators are playing an increasingly important role in strategic and tactical training as well as in traditional crew training. 

Civil Relocations

Simulators are frequently relocated and/or refurbished in order to keep pace with pilot training requirements around the world. 

New Simulator Installations

Quadrant has a history of working with many of the major simulator OEMs, both within their production facilities and on final site installations. Quadrant can provide all of the resources necessary to perform new Simulator installations on a global basis.