Quadrant is able to provide cost effective sales & support services for the provision & installation of replacement Mylar Mirror skin material on a range of Mirror systems used on civil and military Simulators around the World.

Quadrant’s Mylar support service is performed utilizing OEM equipment and processes supplied under license from L-3 Link Simulation & Training ensuring that the highest quality standards are maintained.

Under this license agreement Quadrant is able to provide Mylar Mirror Support Services for a range of legacy Mirror Systems including RSL/Thomson/Thales WIDE I 150×40 systems, WIDE II 180/210×40 systems & 200×40 systems.

  • Removal of existing Mylar material & Preparation of Optics
  • Rigging On/Off of Optics system components as required
  • Provision of OEM inspected and pre-cut Mylar material
  • Provision of OEM special tooling
  • Installation of new Mylar material & associated peripherals
  • Testing of Mirror vacuum and Depth of Draw setting
  • Geometry testing support
  • All work performed utilizing OEM licensed procedures