Quadrant provides a comprehensive range of design support services including mechanical, electrical and software engineering.

Our design engineering group has completed numerous projects both for OEM’s and Simulator Operators catering for in-house and on-site installation projects as well as providing licensed designs to customers around the world.

As with all Quadrant undertakings, these projects are delivered to the highest standards under strict Project Management and in accordance with our Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental commitments.

Examples of design projects performed include the following:

Mechanical Electrical Software
  • Simulator Structures
  • Visual Structures
  • Projector Mounting Kits
  • Motion Frame Structures
  • Interface Structures
  • Bracing/Support Structures
  • Access Ramp assemblies
  • Motion Base Floor Plates
  • Systems Updates
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Avionics / Patch Panels
  • Circuit Cards
  • Power Conversion
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Schematics Generation
  • Installation Drawings
  • Visual Interface Software
  • IOS Software
  • Application Software
  • Systems Software
  • Avionics Interfaces
  • TCAS Software
  • I/O Software
  • Licensed Software packages