Quadrant Simulation Systems celebrates over 25 years of Design, Engineering & Manufacturing across the core areas of Flight Simulation tailored to the specific needs of Civil Aviation, Defence and Security customers worldwide. 

Quadrant Simulation Systems (QSS) is an independent company operating for over 25 years in the flight simulation industry. QSS is experienced in working with legacy flight simulators and technologies and offers customers direct access to an experienced and multidisciplinary team.  

QSS has all the necessary skills and resources to undertake the most complex programmes with a focus on delivering efficient solutions, including Systems Integrations, Technology Updates, System Design and Modelling, Mechanical Design, Aviation Authority Certification, Manufacturing Services, Simulator Relocation and Installation expertise.  

“Our history of design, manufacturing and engineering for Civil Aviation, Defence and Security customers worldwide is supported by more than two decades of experience. 

In addition, Quadrant Simulation Systems’ patented Quadrant NUQLEUSTM universal integration interface reduces the level of interface required to integrate new technology with existing computer and hardware technologies and provides robust software designs,” said Andrew Reeves, Technical Director 

Quadrant NUQLEUSTM has been installed on numerous OEM’s simulators, providing the host interface for new Visual System Image Generators and Avionics updates up to EASA FSTD(A) and FAA 14-CFR Part 60 standards. 

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About Quadrant Simulation Systems 

Quadrant Simulation Systems is part of Quadrant Group and a global leader in flight simulator services delivering a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Civil Aviation, Defence and Security markets. QSS is part of Quadrant Group operating alongside other Group companies (Micro Nav, Global ATS and Quest Flight Training).