Quadrant recently completed the 13th of 14 LCoS projector system installations on a range of Full Flight Simulators of various OEM vintages for a U.S based customer as part of a fleet wide visual system update program.

The project scope of work has consisted of the mechanical design & manufacturing of the mounting kits (support frames, light tight & computer equipment mounting racks) in conjunction with Quadrant’s adjustable projector mounting wedge product.

The site installation tasks have included removal of the existing projector systems and installation of the new mounting kits, LCoS projectors & associated equipment with rigorous vibration testing support.

All devices have been returned to service on or ahead of schedule over a 14 month period with one final mounting kit scheduled for installation in the 2nd QTR of 2016. For more information on Quadrant’s projector mounting kit solutions please follow the link: http://www.quadrantsimulation.com/products/projector-mounting-kits/