Military Updates

Military simulation programs are very highly specialized. They demand expert knowledge and substantial experience, both of which Quadrant can supply in depth.

Our military simulation specialists have worked on all types of equipment which include turbo prop aircraft, fast jets, heavy transports, helicopters, tanks & submarines. We have undertaken major projects for military authorities in various parts of the world.

Our long-standing commitment to cost-effective, commercial off-the-shelf technical solutions to simulation requirements has been applied frequently and highly successfully to military programs.

  • Flight Deck Reconfigurations
  • Visual System Replacements
  • Global Positioning System Integrated Navigation System (GINS)
  • Aerodynamic Upgrades
  • Host Replacements
  • Skywatch & TCAS Installations
  • SIFF/RVSM/8.33 Khz/HF Additions
  • Wide Area Network Gateways

These include 1553 bus-based Avionics and Full Mission Simulator Instructor Operating Systems. Military programs normally call at some stage for an extensive Upgrade to an existing simulator to improve training transfer from the aircraft in critical areas such as air-to-air re-fuelling.

Quadrant have carried out a wide variety of military upgrades including some particularly complex assignments. We have also participated in the manufacturing of full flight simulators, along with relocations/installations and PDS work at various military sites worldwide.