Quadrant’s TCAS product is a PC based application and has been designed as a stand-alone upgrade to any type of aircraft simulator and is compliant to both version 7 and 7.1.

TCASUpdateSimulation of the TCAS II Computer software is based upon pseudo code algorithms supplied by the FAA as part of the TCAS II Minimum Operational Performance Specification (MOPS).

These algorithms  used by the TCAS equipment manufacturers to ensure compliance with the FAA requirements.

The Quadrant TCAS product is supplied with 16 deterministic
scenarios providing training coverage for each of the RA alerts.
These include single and dual intruder scenarios for:

  • Corrective RAs
  • Preventative RAs
  • Reversed RAs
  • Crossing RAs

The TCAS PC is interfaced with the Simulator Host Computer to enable Aircraft parameters and Instructor’s inputs to be received by the TCAS simulation.  When possible Quadrant will reuse existing hardware interfaces to the TCAS displays but if necessary Quadrant are able to supply additional ARINC 429 capacity via the inclusion of COTS interface cards within the TCAS PC.

Aural warnings are synthesized by the Avionics PC and output to the cockpit loudspeaker system.