Quadrant has developed a cost effective suite of proprietary technology products, aimed at keeping flight simulators up-to-date and in line with aircraft configurations and current regulations.


Quadrant has developed a standalone interface unit capable of integrating new products with legacy host computer systems called NUQLEUS.


The Quadrant PC Instructor Operating Station system is a cost effective means to update an existing flight simulator’s instruction facilities and provides an intuitive instructor’s interface to the flight simulator.


The Quadrant Simulated Automatic Terminal Information System (ATIS) runs on the Quadrant Avionics PC. 


Quadrant’s TCAS product is a PC based application and has been designed as a stand-alone upgrade to any type of aircraft simulator and is compliant to both version 7 and 7.1.

Projector Mounting Kits

Quadrant has completed numerous Visual System updates which have included provision of the Host/Visual software integration & Display interface hardware on a variety of Full Flight Simulators around the World.


A Simulated ATC Environment (SATCE) solution for all types of flight simulator. INTERACT delivers the next-generation of fidelity in environment simulation, providing real-time dynamic other traffic with ATC communications, supporting more relevant, effective, and efficient pilot training.