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Visual System Updates

Quadrant have completed numerous Visual System updates which have included provision of the Host/Visual software integration & Display interface hardware on a variety of Full Flight Simulators around the World.

The major tasks associated with these projects involved the following:-

  • Design Projector Layouts (Calligraphic, LCoS & LED displays)
  • Design & Manufacture of Simulator specific support structures
  • Design & Manufacture of Projector specific adjustable mounting frames (WIDE & Non-WIDE)
  • Design & Manufacture of Light Exclusion kits
  • Removal of legacy visual systems & installation of the replacement Image Generators, Projectors and associated equipment
  • Provision of Ethernet communications software
  • Provision of interface software incorporating existing visual parameters and the additional features available from the replacement visual system
  • Modification of the IOS pages to enable control of the additional visual features
  • Running QTG & ATM tests
  • Alignment of custom airport databases
  • Approval Authority Certification Support
  • Host integration utilising Quadrant's latest product (NUQLEUS) enabling integration to be performed with reduced downtime & risk (for more info follow this link to NUQLEUS)


Quadrant has designed, manufactured & installed Visual System hardware to replace a number of legacy systems including, SP1, SP3T, SPX 250/500/550, ESIG, Image II, Image IV, Vital IV, Vital VII, Vital VIII & MaxVue systems configured with WIDE & Non-WIDE optics respectively.

The Quadrant designed mounting kits are configured for use with the JVC HD2K & VS2000/2100, Sony Bravia VW60/GH10 LCoS projectors, Christie SIM Matrix LED projector & the Projection Design FL range of LED projectors.

The mounting kits have been installed as first fits on new build Thales, CAE, FSI & Sim-Industries Full Flight & Fixed Base Simulators as well as legacy simulators being updated.

Quadrant's Visual System mounting kits include wedge mounting frames for use on WIDE optics systems which provide adjustments in the height, heading, pitch, roll & focus axes. Quadrant have also designed, manufactured & installed WAC window projector monitor replacement unit mounting kits & WAC window to WIDE 180 structural mounting kits.

Quadrant has completed numerous installations and Host integrations of new & legacy Visual Systems to replace obsolete systems.

For more information regarding our update capabilities please contact us.